Facebook ‘Live What You Love’

  • Brand: Facebook (India)
  • Campaign: Live what You Love
  • Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
  • Production Company: Rattling Stick
  • Director: Sara Dunlop
  • Post Production: MPC
  • Services: Research, Licensing, Rights Clearance

Live What You Love was Facebook’s first official campaign in India. It was a subscriber generation campaign across all media types and the brand wanted the films to appeal to several different demographics. Our friends at Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam were making several spots for the campaign. Each film was about a particular character with hobbies and interests that they would post about on social media. W&K commissioned a film crew to capture the ‘characters’ partaking in their favourite, social media worthy activities.

At different points in each ad the character is shown scrolling through their Facebook feed looking at stills and video related to their interests. This could be cricket, motorbike maintenance, boxing, sneakers, skateboarding, yoga or whatever they might be into.

Sourcing clips to match the creatives’ stringent vision was a challenge and led on to a clearance process which was extremely complex due to the intricacy of releasing rights over particular clips. There was a considerable amount of red tape and administration which the agency were glad to hand over to us to navigate. Some of the clips that we chose concerned aspects of Indian culture that are particularly dear to the heart of the nation, cricket for example, and consequently handled with extreme care. Professional sports clearance is always complex mainly because of the sponsorships deals attached to related players, clubs, products and services but we prevailed and the resulting vignets are a triumph.