Felix Schoeller

  • Brand: Felix Schoeller
  • Production Co: Wanda Germany
  • Director: Ehsan Bhatti
  • Services: Footage research, stills research, rights clearance, licensing, rights negotiations, licence negotiations

Through Wanda Germany, the excellent director Ehsan Bhatti asked us to source footage to a very specific script for this digital and event spot for Felix Shoeller which relied on found-footage.  The clips were to be projected large scale onto a 12 meter screen in-studio and then reshot with live action in the foreground.  It was challenging because the technical quality had to be extremely high, with perfect angles to enable the projection to be plausible and engaging.

On this project those retro paparazzi guys were the hardest to find: with far less film available from that era and a need for perfect quality it was tough but exactly the kind of challenge we relish. We think the results are pretty spectacular.