Guinness ‘The Purse’

Supreme ad makers Guinness have signed up to sponsor the Six Nations rugby tournament for the next six years. Their Made of More strapline continues to guide their iconic, story led content and we were tasked by their agency AMV BBDO once again to research potential stories for the lead campaign of the Six Nation sponsorship.

AMV BBDO and ourselves had previously focused on stories about the players but our new brief was to focus on the stories that happen around the game itself including the fans and the staff behind the scenes that make the magic happen.

We researched hundreds of stories around the tournament and then presented the standout selection to the agency. It was this story of David and Gareth Reese which always stood out; two Welsh brothers bequeathed a legacy from their dying mother with the express instruction to spend the cash on watching their national team play in the Six Nations wherever that may take them around the world. It was a real challenge to make initial contact with the brothers and time had very nearly run out before we finally reached David. Being on the call we set up between David and the agency was one of the highlights of our history as we were able to listen to their reaction to all the perks that they would enjoy as the stars of the Guinness ad and all in fond remembrance of their mam. It was such an incredible opportunity for everyone, like all relationships with talent should be.