• Brand: Lenor
  • Campaign: Ode to Clothes
  • Agency: Grey Düsseldorf
  • Production Company: The Director Studio
  • Director: Joe Roberts
  • Services: Production, Footage Research, Stills Research, Rights Clearance, Talent Clearance, Rights Negotiations, Licensing, Licence Negotiations, Personality Clearance, Editing, Directing

We won a competitive pitch against some of the world’s leading commercial production companies to produce these four fantastic films for Lenor.  Working directly with the ECDs at Grey Düsseldorf, Mark Hendy and Neil Elliot, and alongside Grey Producer Nina Köhler, the films mark the launch of a brave new approach by the fabric softener brand.

Mark and Neil wrote the fantastic poems and we chose Joe Roberts to direct the spots and Steve Ackroyd at Final Cut in London to show off his brilliant creative editing skills on this unique and ground-breaking project.  No one has ever cleared such a vast amount of material from so many film makers for this kind of project.

This was certainly a challenge and each shot was painstakingly chosen to bring Mark and Neil’s Odes to Clothes to life.