• Brand: Lurpak
  • Campaign: Game On, Cooks
  • Director: Daniel Wolfe
  • Production Company: Somesuch

From the start, the Lurpak brief was enticing. A collaboration between Wieden & Kennedy and brilliant director Daniel Wolfe at Somesuch. Sold. Our contribution? Weve got a pyramid of screens. Fill them up!.

And fill them we did after sifting through the entire diaspora of cooking media to find the images with the perfect mix of realism, humour and visual deliciousness.

The backbone of the campaign was authenticity. With food stock footage, its often impossible to feel youre in the room, breathing in the deliciousness. Luckily, user generated content is our specialty. We poured over a wide variety of sources, including Instagram, food bloggers, YouTubers, big name chefs and up and comers in the culinary world. It takes time, but its the only way to give creatives a truly useful breadth of choice (and make ourselves invaluable for last-minute changes in a very complex post-production process.)