• Brand: Nike
  • Campaign: Mo Farah - Smile
  • Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Blink and youll miss himis an accurate description of Mo Farah on the track. Its also exceptionally accurate in real life. With so little of his precious time available to either Nike or W&K, and such heavy restrictions on Olympic footage, this campaign had the kind of exhilarating collaborative intensity on which we thrive.

As specialists in our field, were not just here to find the very best footage available. Were also here to make chokehold deadlines like this one a painless experience. In this case, that meant a multilayered understanding of the parameters of the sports livening world, and absolutely no room for error when it came to footage clearance. As the very image added before the final edit, there simply wasnt time for anything other than the perfect solution.

As training montage aficionados, this is one the most mesmerising weve ever seen. Were privileged to have collaborated with W&K to create something truly iconic.