• Brand: Santander
  • Campaign: Help You Prosper
  • Agency: WCRS

With the scripts for four Santander adverts already locked down, our task was finding family footage that could seamlessly slot into the existing narrative. Of course, some were more specific than others – the word mortgagelends itself better to a specific search than prosperity. But it was clear that user generated footage was the prime target for this wholesome, relatable campaign.

It was an long and complex process to source, licence and clear such a wide range of fun UGC.

It was during the laborious trawl through user generated footage and the subsequent search for perfect content that we came across a simple, yet mesmerising clip of a young boy in a swimming pool. Starting with horticultural societies, swimming clubs and universities, we eventually found the license owner, a botanist in Costa Rica who, without giving away his life story, was more than happy to receive such a welcome pay check.