WWF ‘Fight For Your World’

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) commissioned a hard-hitting, emotive commercial to accompany their new campaign: Fight for Your World. It was vital that the message cut through any ‘compassion fatigue’ and Uncommon were keen to find new ways to express the majesty of the natural environment and the terrible threat that it’s under by using interesting new angles and framing to allow the visuals to give a sense of immediacy and urgency.

This award-winning advert involved macro footage to be beautifully intriguing and complement the natural world footage. Some of the shots help to create a mood, while some allude to environmental threats or landscapes.

The VO was key; the viewer had to understand that we’ve known that the planet is in crisis for many years, but that we’re really hearing it now for the first time. The powerful voice of Jonathan Pryce (of Game of Thrones fame) narrates this strong message and the team found the vocal talent of musician Ghostpoet a perfect contrast to start and end the ad with an intimate and more personal plea.