Content clearance

Need an exact film clip or still image? Tell us what content you’re looking for and we’ll come straight back to you with all the options and prices, as well as outlining any potential challenges.

We'll then get to work compiling a range of compelling film footage or photography content with the rights clearance and licence fee pre-negotiated: we won’t show you anything that you can’t use.
We normally source full resolution film clips ahead of confirmation so that you can test in high quality. You make the creative decisions. We do the final round of fee negotiations, budget sign off, licensing and master delivery.

We have 14 years of licensing and clearance experience so you can rest assured we've got you covered legally. To keep things simple we'll send you one invoice for everything.

Mood films

We help agencies and directors win new business all day, every day, with film footage research for pitch and mood films. Whatever the subject matter we’ll work closely with you to realise your vision.
The movie files we’ll cut for you contain a broad selection of the best, on-brief footage we can find. You can review it many times before you make final approval for the edit. We can then edit in-house or work with your own editors.

Treatments and image research

Working closely with the director and producer while tapping in to a huge bank of resources to locate hundreds of images for treatments, offering advice on layout and style where needed.
Too busy shooting to do the writing? We can also commission experienced treatment writers to give your presentation that winning edge.

Investigative research and casting

From the Mexican free diving champion to Turkish skater girls, we find real people for adverts. At the very beginning of a project, agencies will ask us to find suitable candidates with remarkable personal stories or specific talents to be brand representatives or to star in commercials.
Drawing on our global contacts in art, culture, music, film and photography we discover people who fit the agency’s vision. We handle initial interviews and pre-contract negotiations. We ensure that our clients can make confident casting decisions and that everyone’s rights are protected and respected.